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Who we are

We invest in Humanitarian, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Energy, Water and Real Estate projects across Africa. Our primary objective is to support emerging markets with the required capital investment so they are able to develop their economies.


We build affordable homes to tackle urban poverty and work with vulnerable families to provide safe and decent social housing. From upgrading slums to building new residential homes we ensure communities recover and build resilience after natural disasters.


From roads to schools, hospitals, railways and telecoms, we develop and maintain services, facilities, and systems related infrastructure projects through public-private partnerships. We also help governments and the private sector raise capital to develop and manage projects.


We support sustainable farming projects utilising the latest in technology. Our aim is to feed more people by 2050 in a context of climate change, economic and financial uncertainty, and growing competition for natural resources through agriculture.

Energy & Water

Our process engineering for renewable and clean energy creates jobs and community participation. Our projects also cover the desalination and purification of seawater to supply high quality drinking water for humans, animals and plants in very high capacity.

Real Estate

In addition to prime real estate, we develop modern student accommodation with world-class amenities. Our homes are fully sustainable with electrical energy supplied through roof panels and stored in batteries for use according to need and capacity.

Our Goals

Our overarching goal is to support long-term local level development and maintenance of livelihood through technology. We support poverty reduction through timely investments.

Support recovery and long-term development

Assist with humanitarian projects across Africa

Promote dependable development at the local level

Help to reduce poverty through timely investments

Maintain livelihood through technology

Provide required assistance to people and country

We identify opportunities
and deliver a strong and consistent performance
to support economies.

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